White Cheddar Crackers [Keto & Gluten-free]

Baking from scratch can sometimes be intimidating. But this recipe only used a few common ingredients, and produces the tastiest crackers ever! Even your non-Keto friends will love these for your next cheese board! And they are absolutely perfect for snacking! Cut them in to any shape you want, and have the perfect crunchy side for your next meal!

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Crabcakes & Dill Remoulade [Keto & Gluten-free]

This recipe is really special to me — It’s inspired by the crabcakes that I made for Gordon Ramsay that earned me a spot in the Top 20 on MasterChef Season 10!

The beautiful thing about this recipe, is just how simple and easy it is! The entire recipe is just 5 ingredients, all of which you can find at nearly any grocery store.

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Cheesy Creamed Kale [Side Dish]

Look, I am a true lover of vegetables. I rarely meet one I don’t like. But kale’s bitter flavor can be off-putting sometimes. But the benefits of eating Kale are so great, that I had to develop a Kale recipe that would make anyone a kale lover. And this is it! Its cheesy, bacon-y, and just damn good. This one-pot side dish is easy and cheap to make, feeds a bunch of people, and is truly satisfying (you’ll totally forget its healthy!)…

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